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What does success look like?

Theory of Change

The need for digital transformation is urgent and the process is challenging. Our Charity Growth Academy theory of change is our roadmap for defining program success, measuring progress, and tracking impact. As we test our hypotheses and learn what works, we will evolve our activities to better achieve our impact goals.

Our Vision

Charities are
technologically enabled
& digitally transformed.



  • Each charity has a custom Digital Transformation Action Plan
  • Charities provide staff with resources and training.
  • Charity leadership is supported and committed to process.
  • Charities receive targeted support and guidance from subject matter experts.
  • Assessments are conducted to review current technology, people, and processes to identify needs, and opportunities
  • The action plan is created with recommendations for efficiency and growth.
  • Program curriculum is delivered through online training, a library of high-quality resources

Immediate Outcomes

Data driving more decisions and impact stories.

Identifiable shifts in culture and mindset linked to digital.

Barriers (financial, skills, tech, resource) to digital adoption reduced.

Organization motivated to pursue digital learning and processes to create change.

More openness and understanding of integrating technology into strategy and operations.

Skill gaps identified and supported with training.

Fundraising is improved by leveraging tech and best practices.

Target Outcomes

Data drives efficiency and stronger decision-making.

A digital-first mindset is core to culture across teams.

Data and tech needs are planned for in all programs, and funded.

Tech is integrated, supported and effectively managed.

Stronger impact measurement and continuous improvement.

More effective stewardship strategies and activities.

Impact Goals

Charities embrace technology and lead with a digital mindset.

Charities have access to the resources needed to progress digitally.

Charities have the skills and capacity to maximize the benefits of digital.

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