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Are you ready for change?

Welcome to the first step in the Charity Growth Academy process. Before you start, ask yourself these questions so we can be confident your organization would benefit from our current offering. If you say yes to all, then Let’s Get Started →

If you’re not the right fit, we’ve put together some great resources for you anyway. Check Them Out →

Your Organization:

  • Is a Canadian registered charity or nonprofit
  • Has the authority to acquire and configure tech? (i.e. you’re not part of a federated model that dictates tool usage)
  • Has an annual operating budget under $5 million
  • Currently uses a cloud-based core operating platform like Microsoft 365, Google Workspace, Zoho, etc
  • Has fewer than 100 paid staff
  • Doesn’t have a dedicated IT team
  • Rarely works with highly sensitive data you are unable to put into the cloud (e.g. health data, criminal records, refugee claims, etc)
  • Has leadership that are open to improving how technology is used

Looks good?

The next step is in-depth technology assessment that will provide you with a valuable Action Plan tailored to your organization. Plus, we have some incredible resources waiting for you to dive into.

Not the right fit right now?

We’ve put together some great resources for you anyway.

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