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While the definitions are varied, we like this one best: Digital transformation is the process of using digital technologies to create new — or modify existing — organizational processes, culture, and experiences to meet changing organizational requirements and stakeholders’ expectations.

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There is no cost to the program thanks to the generous support of Mastercard Changeworks.

The short answer? All of them. For digital transformation to be successful it can’t be siloed with the IT team or the marketers — it is an organization-wide journey that involves changing your processes, people (skills and roles), technology, and mindsets.

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There’s no doubt that modern marketing and fundraising rely on digital — whether it be delivering the message or tracking your gifts and success rates. But true digital transformation is a holistic process and everyone has to be on board.

While digital transformation includes technology, it is not only about technology. And the great news is that easy to use digital tools are more accessible than ever. We’ve put together some great educational resources to help build skills and help your organization make change, regardless of size.

The eligibility quiz helps determine which charities are ready to go through this process, and which charities we are ready to support.

We have identified some criteria that we think, if met, will help set you up for success. An example of this is leadership buy-in. We know from both research and our own experience that digital transformation cannot happen in an organization where leaders are not on board. For this reason, these early questions help us identify who is a good fit for this program at this time.

Charity Growth Academy is currently in an Open Beta phase, which means we are still testing and learning. In this phase, we have identified which types of charities we are ready to support and the eligibility quiz helps ensure the charities who continue on through the full assessment will find value in the current phase. We hope to continue to grow and evolve this program and support even more charities in the future!

To get started, you’ll first go through a quick eligibility quiz to ensure your organization will benefit from our current offering.

If you are eligible, you’ll have the opportunity to take an in-depth technology assessment that will provide you with a valuable Action Plan tailored to your organization. Plus, we have some incredible resources waiting for you to dive into.

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Start the eligibility quiz to go through a short questionnaire →

You’ll go through a short questionnaire to ensure the program is the right fit for you. If you’re eligible, you’ll be prompted to create an account and complete the detailed assessment.

If you’re not eligible at this time, we’ll let you know why and, where relevant, share resources to support you.

To receive your free Action Plan, complete the eligibility quiz, and if eligible, the detailed assessment. The Action Plan is automatically generated for you based on your inputs to the detailed assessment questionnaire.

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We’ve created a number of resources that are available to everyone on the Resources page.

We also have additional resources, including courses, and a curriculum bank, with registered users’ accounts. To access these resources, complete the assessment process and create an account when prompted.

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Since its inception, CanadaHelps has always looked for ways to build skills and capacity in the charitable sector — from our early My Charity Connects conference, to our large library of resources. We’ve also launched other initiatives including co-founding GivingTuesday Canada and the Great Canadian Giving Challenge. As a charity ourselves, we see the value of charities in Canada, and the incredible potential for changemaking if we can help move the needle on digital transformation in the sector.

Mastercard Changeworks™ supports Canadian not-for-profits – and the individuals and communities they serve – by helping them improve their technology and data capabilities. They are a natural partner for CanadaHelps because of how closely aligned their goals are with CanadaHelps’ own charitable mission. For over 20 years we’ve been working to democratize access to technology and education, and to advance the digital skills within the charitable sector.

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