The Pilot That
Started it All!

We kicked off this program with a successful pilot involving 11 nonprofits from across Canada, each on their own digital transformation journey. We also ran a successful pre-pilot with three additional charities. The contributions of these 14 organizations were critical contributors to our learn, test, and optimize approach.

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What We Learned Through The Pilot

We’ve captured our key learnings from the pilot and insights from the participating organizations, and put it all in one place so you can understand our journey, and how the lessons we learned will benefit your organization, and the key features of the application.

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Because of the work we did through your project, we were able to clearly identify and budget out a plan to move forward on some key digital initiatives that will ultimately save us resources and increase our capacity in the long run. Thank you so much for your support throughout the project. The action plan we produced together has been such a valuable resource for us in charting out our path forward.

Kathy Slotsve, YES Employment + Entrepreneurship Montreal

Meet the Pilot Organizations

Skills for Change

YES Employment + Entrepreneurship

The Centre for Immigrant Settlement and Integration

Start Up Canada

Canadian Council for Aboriginal Business


Pow Wow Pitch

Indigenous Perspectives Society

Thunder Woman Healing Lodge Society


The Kw’umut Lelum Foundation

The Successful Pre-Pilot

Before launching our pilot, we put our theory of change to the test with a pre-pilot.


Want to find out if you qualify for this free Opportunity?

We are currently running the program and have a self serve application running helping organizations like yours. Take our 5 minute assessment to see if your organization qualifies, and if it doesn’t we’ve provided the resources to make sure you can.

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