Sorry, we’re not ready for your organization yet.

It seems that there are one or more ways in which the Charity Growth Academy isn’t the right fit for your organization at this time. Below we’ve provided some more information.

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You won’t find Charity Growth Academy to be relevant to your needs.

The current iteration of Charity Growth Academy is specifically designed to assist smaller nonprofits that are at the beginning of their digital transformation work. We encourage you to explore other resources and opportunities that are better suited to the needs and aspirations of your organization.

Consider reaching out to professional organizations, industry-specific networks, or consulting firms that specialize in providing tailored support for larger nonprofits. Additionally, you may want to investigate workshops, conferences, and online courses that can help your IT department enhance its skills and stay up to date with the latest trends and best practices when it comes to leveraging digital technologies.

We understand that being part of a larger federated organization can sometimes limit the flexibility and decision-making power of individual nonprofits within the structure. As such, our curriculum and assistance may not align with the specific needs and circumstances of your organization.

We encourage you to explore other avenues within your federated organization for guidance and support. Consider reaching out to the central administrative body or the leadership within your organization to discuss your technology needs and growth aspirations. They may be able to provide you with relevant resources, training opportunities, or connect you with other nonprofits within the network that have successfully navigated similar challenges.

Additionally, you can also seek external resources and expertise that cater to the specific needs of federated organizations. There are consulting firms, industry networks, and professional organizations that specialize in supporting nonprofits operating within larger structures. Engaging with these entities can help you gain insights and strategies for managing technology decisions within the confines of your organization’s framework.

Once your organization has adopted a cloud productivity platform such as Google Workspace or Microsoft 365, Charity Growth Academy may be a better fit for you. Leveraging these platforms can significantly enhance your organization’s productivity and collaboration capabilities.

We encourage you to consider adopting either Google Workspace or Microsoft 365 to unlock the benefits of cloud-based productivity tools. These platforms offer a wide range of features including email, document collaboration, file storage, and much more.

To help you get started, we have provided resources below about adopting a cloud productivity platform.


Charity Growth Academy is not currently designed for organizations that routinely work with highly sensitive data.

To safeguard your nonprofit’s sensitive data, we recommend exploring other avenues for assistance and guidance. Consider seeking support from specialized organizations or consultants that focus on data security, privacy regulations, and compliance within the nonprofit sector. They can provide tailored advice and strategies to help your organization strengthen its data protection practices while supporting its growth goals.

In the meantime, we encourage you to seek out specialized resources to enhance your use of digital tools within the context of your data security practices.

Having buy-in from leadership to invest resources in this process is critical for success. As an individual you can still go through the assessment and access our resources, but leadership buy-in is essential to make organizational change.

We understand that gaining support from your organization’s leadership is essential for successfully implementing a digital transformation strategy. To assist you in achieving buy-in from leadership, we have provided some resources below that can help you make a compelling case for investing in digital transformation.

Resource: Getting Leadership Buy In For Digital Transformation

While Charity Growth Academy may not be right for your organization at this time, we encourage you to work towards obtaining buy-in from your leadership for digital transformation.

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